ASUS U30JC-X3K Laptop Review

ASUS U30JC-X3K Laptop has incredible features that take you far beyond standard entertainment notebooks. ASUS U30JC-X3K Laptop is powered by the new Intel Core i3 processor that’s smarter and faster with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology for enhanced multitasking. Plus, the ASUS U30JC-X3K Laptop features NVIDIA GeForce graphics with NVIDIA Optimus Technology that seamlessly switches between powerful NVIDIA graphics and Intel® embedded graphics to give you smart visual performance and battery-savings when you need it. With Full HD playback capability and HDMI connectivity, you can easily connect to any HDMI-enabled HDTV and enjoy a complete cinematic experience.

The ASUS U30JC-X3K Laptop offers up to 9 hours of battery life1 to take you further than most notebooks and netbooks can with efficient multitasking performance by intelligently blending together innovative, battery-saving features. With the ASUS Power4Gear utility, you can optimize power management with a push of a button and select the energy profile of your choice.

The ASUS U30JC-X3K Laptop features NVIDIA GeForce 310M with 512MB DDR3 VRAM for HD performance and amazing multimedia capabilities. With DirectX 10.1 compatibility, the ASUS U30JC-X3K LaptopK lets you play light to casual games with textured detail, better dynamics, and greater special effects than traditional embedded graphics.

See Complete Features and Specs ASUS U30JC-X3K Laptop


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