How to Change Harddisk-Drive Serial Number

How to Change Harddisk Volume Serial NumberI will show you How to Change Harddisk-Drive Serial Number. I need this tool to run a software that protected by Harddisk/hdd/drive serial number.  I can not run the software with different hdd serial number.  With this tools I can run the software, just make a duplicate serial number with the current hdd or removable disk serial number installed the software.

Publisher Description: The serial number of a drive is generated every time you format your hard drive and there is no documented way to change it afterwards.  It is worthwhile noting that the serial number returned by the “dir” command or the GetVolumeInformation()  API is not the hardware serial number that comes from the manufacturer, instead this serial number is assigned and stored in the hard drive (mostly in the boot sector) by the file system and *can* be changed by software.

Knowing that the serial number is stored in the hard drive, Started looking up information about the three different file systems: FAT, FAT32, NTFS. The most relevant part to look at was the boot sector format of each of the different file systems. Usually, the bootsector holds vital data for the integrity and the operation of the file system.

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