ASUS N61JV-X4 16-Inch Laptop

ASUS N61JV-X4 Laptop is Equipped with Intel’s new Core i5-430M processor and an NVidia GT325M graphics engine with 1GB DDR3 VRAM, the ASUS N61JV-X4 Laptop brings users true-to-life images for games, movies and videos. NVIDIA CUDA GPU computing technology provides faster transcoding times for music, photos, videos, DVD playback, as well as faster video enhancement and editing.

Dedicated resonance space arrangement provides sound layering and enhanced detail. With 2.5 watt TV standard sound output and a 21cc amplifier, the ASUS N61JV-X4 Laptop improves and balances audio reproduction across different sonic ranges, particularly for vocals and low-band bass. Together with Altec Lansing speakers supported by SRS Premium Sound, the ASUS N61JV-X4 Laptop provides crisp, clear audio reproduction and a truly surreal audio experience while on-the-go.

A multi-touch touchpad allows users to scroll, rotate, as well as zooming-in and out while surfing the web or browsing multimedia intuitively. Lastly, the sunken-hinge design of the ASUS N61JV-X4 Laptop provides a more comfortable view by providing users with a wider and more ergonomic viewing angle. The ASUS N61JV-X4 Laptop comes with a 1 year global warranty, one month zero bright dot guaranty, free two-way standard shipping, twenty-four hour tech support seven days a week, and a one year accidental damage warranty, protecting the notebook from drops, fire, spills and surge. Recovery disks not included, however using the F9 key during boot will restore the ASUS N61JV-X4 Laptop to factory settings.

See complete REVIEW, Features and Specs ASUS N61JV-X4 Laptop


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