Acer Aspire One AOD255-2795 10.1-Inch Netbook

Acer Aspire One AOD255-2795 10.1-Inch Netbook is small and compact, and is pretty quick. In the item description, Acer Aspire One AOD255-2795 states that the hard drive is 160 GB. When I got the computer, I read the box and it states that the actual formatted capacity is less and may vary depending on preloaded materials and operating environment. When I actually looked at my computer’s hard drive, Acer Aspire One AOD255-2795 was 133 GB. I just wanted to share that because I know that some people will use this for pictures, video and music. I am using it almostly exclusively for surfing the internet, emails, and Microsoft Word.

The keyboard is 93% of a normal sized keyboard. Yesterday it was pretty difficult to type because I wasn’t used to it, but today I’m doing a lot better! The only problem with my typing is that I keep forgetting that you can’t put your wrists down on the touchpad because that moves the cursor and I end up typing where I don’t want to type. I did purchase a wireless mouse, which works great, but unfortunately you cannot disable the touchpad built into the notebook.

The battery life is approximately 4 hours, give or take. I would like to have a 6 cell lithium ion battery instead of the 3 cell, but I don’t know if they have 6 cell available for Acer Aspire One AOD255-2795 Netbook.

See complete REVIEW, Features and Specs Acer Aspire One AOD255-2795 Netbook


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