Toshiba Satellite T235D-S1360 Laptop

Toshiba Satellite T235D-S1360 Laptop gives you all the unplugged power and freedom you need. Weighing less than four pounds, and measuring just an inch thin, this easy traveler is a cinch to carry. Yet it offers a 13.3″ diagonal HD TruBrite widescreen LED display well-sized for multitasking, work or play. Plus, it has the horsepower to handle the day’s tasks or evening’s entertainment, along with a great communications package to keep you effective and in touch. As for its choice of processors, AMD Neo processors, with integrated ATI Radeon HD graphics, offer tremendous multimedia capabilities, while energy-efficient Intel Pentium processors are ideal for multitaskers who demand a richer Web experience, but expect an exceptional battery life rating too. The Satellite T235 laptop also stands out when it comes to convenience, thanks to premium features like a comfortable raised-tile keyboard, built-in HDMI port and Toshiba productivity apps, like USB Sleep and Charge. Add first-class styling with a Fusion Chrome Finish, and you’ve got a machine with a design, and a reputation, that really gets around.

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