Reset Canon Pixma IP1980 Printer

Resetting Canon Pixma IP1980 Printer is not much different with resetting canon pixma IP1880 / IP1800 Series. For permanent reset Canon Pixma IP1980 using tools for Canon Pixma IP1800. Procedures for manual resetting Canon Pixma IP1980:

* Turn on your printer
* Press and hold Resume button for two (2) minutes then release Resume button.
* Use resetter printer canon iP1980 for reset permanent

Use Canon Pixma IP 1800 tools for permanent reset, here is the procedure, open general tool for canon pixma ip1880, if you don’t have you can download  Resetting Software / Tools For Canon Printer from Rapidshare

1. Select USB port
2. Click lock release
3. Click ip1800
4. Click device id
5. Clear waste ink counter by clicking MAIN & PLATEN
6. Check EEPROM Box
7. Click EEPROM Dump
8. Test pattern 1
9. finished


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