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How to bypass site blocked and network restrictions

How to bypass site blocked and network restrictions.  Your favourite site blocked? Don’t worry you can bypass it and bypass workplace network restrictions. Some school and company admin have blocked some websites. You can use http://www.proxury.com/ to browse it instead of the website. Just type the website url that you want to browse in the box url, Bang! you can browse your favorites website now.

There is a little description about the website but I think the website is very useful. I have experienced for a years ago some ISP Provider blocked some website ordering from the goverment. But some ISP have blocked a wrong website. I come to internet and browsing to find how to bypass the blocked website. I found this website, after that I don’t worry anymore.

You are lucky when the admin didn’t know about the website, but if the admin known about the website we have problem and must work again to find other tips how to bypass it 🙂

Just visit http://www.proxury.com/ and browsing silent becarefully with your boss.


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