Reset lamp timer Infocus X1, X1a, X2, X3

The X1 Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology from Texas Instruments. It’s the world’s only all-digital display solution. Based on a unique, fast, digital, reflective semiconductor called the Digital Micromirror Device, or DMD, DLP  projects large, high-contrast images with unmatched color fidelity and consistency. With Faroudja DCDi processing, each image is recreated with maximum fidelity, so you enjoy clear, sharp pictures and brilliant colors. And its wide-screen capability lets you enjoy amazing video performance in a movie-theater format.

Reset the lamp timer Infocus X1, X1a, X2, X3:

1. Press the Menu button. Go to Settings > Service.
2. Select Lamp Reset.
3. After 4,000 hours, press and hold the Volume + and the Volume – buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.


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