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Clean Error 46 Brother DCP 315CN Printer

Procedure to Clean Error 46 on Brother DCP 315CN Printer

1. press the Menu & Mono start keys. next press the up arrow key 4 times to make the machine enter the maintenance mode. The LCD will show “maintenance” with a number after it (usually 8).
2. Enter 8 ( using the up arrow)then SET key.
3. Then Entre 0 by using the up arrow key,then SET key.
3. press the mono start key several times untill the “purge count” appears on the LCD.
4. enter 2 &7 &8 & 3 as mentioned above by using the up arrow key & set keys. This will reset the purge count to zero (Purge 0000? will appear on the LCD.
5. press the stop/exit key to return to the initial stage of the maintanance mode (maintanance will appear on the LCD).
6. enter 9 twice by using the up arrow & set key’s to exit from maintenance mode.
7. Now your machine is ready to print.

Thanks to Dr. Aly that send this post 🙂


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