Hard reset Palm Z22

hard reset Palm Z22

Only do a hard reset if a soft reset doesn’t solve your problem, or if you want to clear all of your information from your Palm Z22 handheld.
A hard reset deletes all records and entries stored on your handheld, including the username that identifies the handheld. This is another reason why it’s important to synchronize often, so you have an up-to-date backup of your information available. Before you do a hard reset, be sure to synchronize.

1.Press and hold the power button.
2.While holding the power button, use the tip of the stylus (or a similar object

without a sharp tip) to gently press and release the reset button inside the hole
on the back of your handheld.

3.Wait for the Palm Powered™ logo to appear, and then release the power button.
4.When you see the message that warns you about erasing all of the info on your
handheld, do one of the following:• Press Up on the 5-way navigator to finish the reset and show the touchscreen.

• Press any other button to do a soft reset. Click Continued
5.When prompted, tap to align the screen, and then select the language you want
to use on your handheld. A screen appears showing the Palm logo and a
progress bar.
6.When the Welcome screen appears, the hard reset is complete.
Follow the instructions to set up your handheld.Click Done


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