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Reset Waste Ink Counter for Most Epson Printer

Reset Waste Ink Counter for Most Epson Printer

Waste ink counter normally means that the waste ink counter has reached its maximum value. When cleaning cycles are run, the waste ink gets counted. When the printer thinks the waste pad is full, it locks up and flashes all the lights to let you know.

If you just finished your 100th consecutive cleaning cycle (which you should never do), there is a chance that your waste ink pad actually is full. For normal printer use, most of the ink evaporates becasue it is about 85% water. Assuming your pad is not actually full or overflowing with ink, you can reset the waste ink counter using a front panel button sequence. If ink is spilling out of your printer, take it to an authorized Epson repair center.

To reset the waste ink counter, and acknowledge the maintenance request code of all LEDs flashing, do this:

1. Turn off the printer power and unplug the power cord from the wall. Disconnect the computer interface cable at the back of the printer.
2. After one minute reattach the power plug to the wall, but don’t reattach the computer cable.
3. Hold down the LOAD/EJECT and the CLEANING buttons simultaneously. The Cleaning button has an ink drop icon on it.
4. Turn the printer on. Release all buttons as soon as the paper out light flashes.
5. Quickly press the CLEANING button, and hold for 10 seconds while the paper out light flashes.
6. Release the button and the printer will initialize.
7. Once initialization is complete, turn the printer power off.
8. Reconnect the interface cable.
9. Turn the printer on and try to print a document.
This procedure is common to many of the Epson printers. There may be a case on some of the newer printers where this does not work.


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