Canon MP750, MP780 CARTRIDGE JAMMED error messages

As for the causes and countermeasures, only the error codes that are newly incorporated in the unit remedies unique to the product are included in New Error Codes and Recovery Methods. For the causes and countermeasures of other error codes, refer to the separate G3/G4 Facsimile Error Code List.

Service error code output

When service data #1 SSSW SW01 Bit0 is set to “1”, the following service error codes are displayed when an error occurs.

User’s error messege


Printing position correction failed

Cause: Carriage movement prevented by one of the following.

Damaged shaft.

Parts deformed. (Carriage or guide frame)

Insufficient grease.

Solution: Replace the shaft.

Replace the deformed parts.

Apply more grease.

Cause: Bi-directional print displacement correction failed because the carriage motor is
out of step, or some similar reason.

Solution: Replace the carriage motor.

Home position error

Cause1: Tried to stop the carriage unit that has been moving or to move the carriage unit at a pouse by force.

Solution1: Do not touch the carriage unit other than cartridge replacement position.

Cause2: Foreign body in carriage section.

Solution2: Open flatbed ass’y and remove the foreign body.

Cause3: Loose carriage belt.

Solution3: Replace carriage unit

Cause4: Carriage motor does not work.

(1) Switch power OFF/ON.

(2) Replace carriage motor.

Cause5: The position of the carriage cannot be detected (due to smears on the carriage
encoder film or SPCNT board failure).

(1) Switch power off/on.

(2) Wipe the carriage encoder film with a cloth soaked with alcohol.

(3) Replace the carriage encoder film.

(4) Replace the SPCNT board.


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