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Test Pattern Printhead Troubleshooting Brother DCP,MFC Printers

Test Pattern Printhead Troubleshooting Brother DCP,MFC Printers

Test Pattern (Function code 09)
Function code 09 is not supported in the maintenance program embedded in the flash ROM of the
MFC210C U.S.A./Canadian models. To use Function code 09 in these models, you need to
temporarily load the full maintenance program onto the flash ROM.

This function, much like the copying function, prints out a test pattern (PRINT QUALITY CHECK
SHEET) to allow the service personnel to check for print quality.

Operating Procedure
MFC620CN/420CN/410CN/210C and FAX2440C
Press the 0 and 9 keys in this order in the initial stage of the maintenance mode.

Enter 0 and 9 by using the [UP KEY] and Set keys.*
(*To enter a numerical code on models having no numerical keypad, press the [UP KEY] key several times to
display the numerical code to be entered and then press the Set key. Repeat this operation for each
numerical code.)

The figure on the next page shows a test pattern which is printed on the PRINT QUALITY CHECK
SHEET. According to the instructions printed on the sheet, you can check or correct the print quality.


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