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Relevant Google Ads and Profitable with AdSense Section Targeting

The Adsense publisher maybe confuse why the google ads not relevant with their content.  To resolve this problem we can use Adsense Section Targetting.  We can insert it to the html code or script code. For the best place is after title of the post and the end of the post.  When user open your website google ads will looking for the keyword between adsense targeting and then google adsense will send to your page the relevant google ads.

What the AdSense Section Targeting feature allows you to do (this applies to publishers who use AdSense ads next to their content) is to specify to Google, which parts of the content of your article are the ones that AdSense should take into consideration when deciding which ads to serve on that page.

Section targeting provides a solution for everyone.

* Publishers can finally guarantee relevant ads to the content topic they are publishing to.
* Readers get relevant ads that nicely complement the content they are reading.
* Google gets greater revenue both from AdSense publishers who are now more effective and better rewarded for their good work, and from readers who finding more relevant ads next to the content they are reading award more clicks to information items of their interest.

For the complete article and how to put the script in your template you can visit http://www.google.com/support/adsense/bin/answer.py?answer=23168&topic=371


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