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The best places to put adsense ads on wordpress

Did you know the best place to put adsense ads in wordpress? I try to experiment and to monitor my wordpress blog for several days by using the channel adsense. The result is the best place to place adsense is between title of the article and the contents. With the report click on adsense account I can see that the place is most clicks. I put adsense ads size 336 x 280, the size is more advisable.

The Second place adsense ads is the bottom of the article. In this section I put adsense ads with a size of 468 x 60. and then the right side to the three ranks.

This is a practice that I apply adsense to get maximum results. Maybe the each wordpress blog have the best place to put their adsense ads.

If you do not try to make adsense ads with channel, the benefits that can be obtained by using the channel is we can know where the best place adsense ads should be placed.


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