HP DesignJet Features

DesignJet, HP Printer, Ink Cartridges, HP Computers, HP NotebooksHP DesignJet Features

If you run your own small business, you know how expensive printing costs can be. If you work in a design-heavy environment, your business is judged by how good your prints look. What you need is a large-format printer like one of the HP DesignJet models that are currently available. Without a doubt, HP DesignJet is the most popular large format printer on the market today. A large format printer can handle poster sized prints as well as regular, letter sized prints, too. While this line of printers is far more expensive than what you would pay for a home printer, owning an HP DesignJet can actually save you a fortune since you won’t have to have places like Kinko’s do your printing for you anymore.

One of the popular models in the DesignJet line is the 130R. It features a full 24 inches of printing at an amazingly high quality. Many people are shocked to see just how professional this printer line is capable of printing, but once you add the 130R to your business, you’ll be a believer. It is capable of 2400 x 1200 dots per inch and can connect to your computer either with a USB or with a parallel port.

You will be responsible for buying ink for your DesignJet printer and although the cost of the ink can seem high, you have to compare it to what you would normally pay to have all of your printing sent out. You will need the HP 85 series of inkjet cartridges for color and the 84 series for your black and white printing. You can buy all three of your color inkjet cartridges separately or you can buy them bundled to save even more. Be sure you have the right ink on hand because the wrong numbered cartridge will not fit in this printer.

There are over a dozen other models that fall under the name DesignJet. They can provide even wider printing if you need it or they can be smaller than the model mentioned above. You can expect to see printers like these in the office of an architect or a design company that must create high quality prints, logos or other designs. Shopping for a large format printer can be a bit intimidating, so be sure to remember the name HP DesignJet. Shopping for ink, toner and cartridges for your printer has never been easier.


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