Apple iPod nano 6th Generation Review by Role

The newest model Apple iPod nano 6th Generation, aka Super Shuffle, is focused on a different task entirely, and much the same one as the regular Shuffle… the gym. To make Apple iPod nano 6th Generation work for that, they radically reduced the size and gave it an integrated clip a la the regular Shuffle. It’s now easily ‘wearable’, and is basically the ‘Shuffle with a screen’ that many have wanted for a long time.

The sad part, of course, is that many ppl still wanted a ‘true’ Nano, and now they can’t have one, unless they go running for the old 5th generation models before they’re sold out. This means the Super Shuffle will be hated by some no matter what, as it ‘killed’ their beloved. =\

Others will say that the Super Shuffle is inadequate even for the gym. “I don’t want to look at a screen to switch songs or change the volume. How lame!”, they’ll say.

Thing is though, you don’t really HAVE to look at the screen, because

– The Super Shuffle has physical volume buttons. They’re small, but still easy to use.
Apple iPod nano 6th Generation has the ‘Shake to Shuffle’ feature… literally shake it to shuffle to the next song (this can be turned off in Settings if you fear it happening accidentally).
Apple iPod nano 6th Generation supports VoiceOver (HOWEVER, to use all VO features, you need the Apple Earphones With Remote & Mic… which are NOT included. They want you to shell out another $30 and/or still haven’t solved the ‘sweat’ issues the remote & mic have had in the past. Bad form, Apple).

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