Nokia N8 GSM Touchscreen Phone Review

Nokia N8 GSM Touchscreen Phone has some incredible features at this unlocked, off contract price. Nokia N8 is a 3G pentaband WORLD phone which will work on both AT&T and T-Mobile. Nokia N8 has a 12MP camera with a CCD sensor 3 times bigger than iPhone 4 and even larger than purpose built high quality camera’s like the Panasonic LUMIX ZS-3. Nokia N8 has a Xenon flash for excellent night time shots.

The Nokia N8 shoots HD 720p with HDMI and DOLBY Surround sound output! The camera’s optics are specially designed and made by Carl Zeiss, and it has AutoFocus and a mechanical shutter for big camera capabilities in a compact form factor. The Nokia N8 phones body is a single piece of Anodized, scratch resistant Aluminum, with Gorilla glass front. It has a new generation AMOLED display with anti-reflective layer. The N8 also sports BLuetooth 3.0, so you can use a wireless bluetooth keyboard and mouse simultaneously. Nokia N8 also has USB on-the-go, so you can directly use mass storage devices like a hard drive or USB flash memory. The Nokia N8 phone has the latest Symbian^3 OS, with multi-touch, actual multi-tasking and avoids the double tapping of older Symbian versions. The software also includes on-board and robust photo and video editing.

The Nokia N8 also uses a faster GPU than the iPhone 4 (SOC GPU), called the Broadcom BMC2727, for a great gaming experience which you can also pipe directly to an HD TV and play on the big screen. Nokia N8 also comes with free turn by turn navigation, available in 74 countries. Of course, its a Nokia so Video Call capability is a given. Battery life is exceptional.

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