HP Mini 210-1095NR Netbook Review

HP Mini 210-1095NR Netbook arrived earlier than predicted. I love my mini. HP Mini 210-1095NR Netbook is very light. but the battery does not last 9.75 hrs as it says in the title. Every 10% of the batter is about 45 minutes. I can get about 6 hours with the battery fully charged. I am a grad student and need my laptop in class and there is no way im dragging my 14.5′ around everyday. Even though the batter doesn’t last 9 hrs but it is enough for you to have it for the day. and yes the background cannot be changed but there are themes you can download if you google ph mini background and then you can change it to any picture that you want. Unlike some other reviews I didnt find it difficult to play any video clips. I really like my mini.

I bought HP Mini 210-1095NR Netbook to use in my bedroom. HP Mini 210-1095NR Netbook is a great little PC. I upgraded the OS from the Windows 7 Starter Edition to Home Premium. Upgrade went without a hitch. Keyboard is little bit cramped, causing typos. but other than that I’m happy with it. HP makes good quality products. I also like the design on the top of the PC. Wish PC makers offered more color and design options the way Apple does with iPods. I’d all about delivering consumer delight and letting consumers express their personalities with their gadgets.

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