Best Seller Toshiba 19CV100U 19-Inch LCD/DVD Combo TV

Toshiba 19CV100U LCD TV is attractively designed and offering 720p high-definition viewing, the feature-packed, affordable 19-inch Toshiba 19CV100U LCD HDTV (18.5-inch diagonal screen size) is an all-in-one entertainment package that’s great for any room in your house thanks to its integrated, side-loading standard DVD player.

Toshiba 19CV100U LCD HDTV is perfect for use as your main television, the Toshiba 19CV100U LCD HDTV features Toshiba’s DynaLight dynamic backlight control for deeper black levels, and two HDMI digital inputs for simple high quality connection to cable/satellite boxes, DVD players and more. Toshiba 19CV100U LCD HDTV is also a great choice for kids and family rooms with the Toshiba 19CV100U LCD HDTV Gaming Mode, which offers reduced game control delay and improved reaction time. And the Photo Frame capability with Auto Slide Show is especially useful in bedrooms, dens, and kitchens.

Boasting a slimming tapered bezel and attractive front panel gradation, the new Horizon design creates a more modern, elegant appearance that also matches Toshiba’s black glossy Horizon-designed laptops. Other features include MP3 playback via the integrated USB port, a PC input, and a removable stand.

See complete REVIEW, Features and Specs Toshiba 19CV100U LCD HDTV


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