Apple MacBook Pro MC371LL/A Review

Apple MacBook Pro MC371LL/A Laptop comes with The previous processor was the Core 2 Duo – an older technology but not a slouch by any means. It was and is a very powerful processor, all things considered, and the 13″ was able to deal with everything I threw at it, including multiple VMs at the same time and video encoding processes. Where the Core 2 Duo struggles is with multi-tasking speed; while it can handle multiple processes, it allocates resources towards the most intensive of what’s running at the detriment of everything else.
The video cards have been improved in the new Apple MacBook Pro MC371LL/A. They are newer versions of the NVidia cards that were released, and some of the MacBooks have the higher end Intel integrated chips. If you don’t understand some of the video card technology, there are dedicated video cards and then there are integrated cards. The dedicated cards mean simply that they have their own memory and don’t share the RAM of the computer. Integrated, as evident by the name, uses shared RAM to function, either in whole or in part. The integrated chips are lower cost, obviously, at the trade of a performance hit – the RAM it’s sharing is inaccessible to the OS and applications, and because the RAM is always a chunk of other RAM, there is an effective tug-of-war going on when using the integrated card. It’s really popular in lower end laptops because of the price point.

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