ASUS N82JQ-A1 14-Inch Laptop

ASUS N82JQ-A1 Laptop delivers turbo-charged graphics that brings pristine HD quality for your videos, movies, and games.

ASUS N82JQ-A1 Laptop comes with ASUS VideoMagic software, you get a premium software package to instantly take your standard definition media to an up-scaled HD experience with smoother frame rates and sharper images, so you can enjoy your favorite DVDs – new and old – in the quality they deserve. The ASUS N82JQ-A1 Laptop is powered by also comes with the Intel Core i7-720QM processor that delivers the multitasking muscle to take on several tasks at once.

ASUS N82JQ-A1 Laptop comes with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, this multimedia powerhouse automatically senses what you’re doing and boosts processor performance to optimize your task at hand. Switch on the ASUS Super Hybrid Engine and seamlessly optimize the system for increased battery savings. The ASUS N82JQ-A1 Laptop also gives you the latest in connectivity with Super Speed USB 3.0 that charges USB 3.0-enabled devices quickly, and transfer files from USB storage devices to your notebook up to 10 times faster than previous generation USB 2.0 speeds.

See complete REVIEW and FEATURES ASUS N82JQ-A1 Laptop


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