Camangi WebStation 7-Inch Android Tablet PC

Camangi WebStation had been recognized as the first 7-inch Android tablet PC. Now Camangi WebStation with new update version, better user experience and more impressive applications. Camangi WebStation brings a new way to enjoy the Internet and your entertainment media all under one stylish Internet tablet. Camangi WebStation supports a wide range of features including a web browser, multimedia player, gallery, Aldiko ebook, fring, Camangi Market, Music, e-mail, weather and so on.

Camangi WebStation comes With ultra-thin and simple design, you can easily carry it or relax with your favorite music and display your pictures when traveling, browsing webs, or reading novels.The 7-inch widescreen with high-resolution display and 2 high quality speakers will be the ultimate gift for your senses.

Camangi WebStation has A bigger screen for a better using experience. With Wi-Fi connectivity and the advantage of high portability, it’s no longer necessary to confine yourself into a small screen of a smartphone or carry a heavy notebook .

See complete REVIEW, Features and Specs Camangi WebStation Tablet PC


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