Toshiba libretto W105-L251 Laptop Review

Toshiba libretto W105-L251 Laptop is The next generation in ultra-mobile computing, the Toshiba libretto W105-L251 goes beyond tablets and netbooks to deliver a full Windows 7 experience that’s accessed across two 7-inch multi-touch screens. Featuring a durable 1.8-pound clamshell design on the outside and the horsepower of an Intel Pentium processor on the inside, the Toshiba libretto W105-L251 helps you stay productive on the go as well as allow you to enjoy games, e-books, movies, music, and TV wherever you roam.

You can stretch your windows across both displays or see two windows on each screen, and navigate with intuitive multi-touch control. The versatile Toshiba libretto W105-L251 also provides full typing comfort courtesy of virtual keyboards choose from six modes, including Simple, Full, Thumb, and even a 10-key pad.

The Toshiba libretto W105-L251 is powered by Windows 7 Home Premium and comes equipped with an Intel Pentium processor, 2 GB of fast DDR3 memory and a 62 GB solid state drive plenty of horsepower for enjoying rich Internet and multimedia content. Built-in connectivity features including 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth give you the flexibility to connect from any hotspot or pair the device with their favorite wireless accessories, such as a mouse, headphones and more.

See Complete Features and Specs Toshiba libretto W105-L251 Laptop


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