Factory Reset Palm TX handhelds

Factory Reset for Palm TX.  If you’ve set a password on your handheld, any hard reset will automatically become a Factory Reset. With this method, you’ll enter a password and then perform a hard reset.
1.On your handheld, launch the Prefs application.
Under General, select Security.
2.If the Password box says “Unassigned,” tap the box and create
a password for your handheld.
3.Once the password has been set, remove the stylus. Disconnect your
handheld from the AC charger, if connected.
4.On your handheld, hold down the Power button.
5.While holding down the Power button, use the stylus to press
the RESET button on the back of your handheld.
6.While still holding the Power button, the screen will show the Palm
logo and a progress bar. Then the circular Palm Powered logo will
appear. Release the power button when you see the Palm Powered logo.

7.A message will appear warning that you are about to erase
all the data stored on your smartphone. Press UP.
8.You’ll see a series of Palm logo screens, then a prompt to tap
onscreen targets. The Factory Reset is complete.


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