How to Reset XBOX 360 Console

How to Reset XBOX 360 Console:

Delete to delete all updates installed games and consoles Cache

1. Change to the blade (the rider) System
2. Choose there “Memory” from
3. Press Y on the HD symbol
4. Press X, X, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X, X
5. A system prompt appears and asks: “This is the maintenance performed on their Xbox 360 storage device. Do you want to continue? ”
6. Choose Yes from

Delete all bad system updates

1. While the Xbox 360 is still off, press and hold the sync button down on the XBOX (This is the small white button).
2. During the sync button is pressed, now press the power button to turn on the Xbox 360.
3. Hold the sync button pressed until the Xbox 360 is fully raised.
4. During the boot process deletes the Xbox 360 then the faulty update.


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