Cisco-Linksys E2100L Advanced Wireless-N Router Review

The Cisco-Linksys E2100L is a Linux-customizable router that provides powerful Wireless-N technology to your home. Connect your computers, wireless printers, and other Wi-Fi devices at speeds up to 300 Mbps. Cisco-Linksys E2100L is built-in USB port and UPnP AV media server let you share files over your network, as well as stream video and media content to an Xbox 360, PS3, or other compatible device. Cisco-Linksys E2100L also included Cisco Connect software gets your wireless network set up in a few simple steps and offers powerful tools for managing your wireless network.

Keep Wi-Fi freeloaders and Internet threats at bay with customizable security settings. All Linksys E-Series routers have advanced WPA/WPA2 wireless security and SPI firewall protection, which are designed to safeguard your home network and computers from most Internet attacks and help protect your data and privacy. Advanced users can access the browser-based utility to further configure the router’s security settings.

Cisco-Linksys E2100L Key Features

* Enjoy the benefits of advanced Wireless-N technology–connect your computers, gaming consoles, and other wireless devices at up to 300 Mbps of transfer speeds.
* Utilize the E2100L’s Linux operating system to use additional customization options.
* Share your files at home or on the Internet by connecting a storage device to the Linksys E2100L’s built-in USB port.
* Stream video and media content via a built-in UPnP AV media server to an Xbox 360, PS3, or other compatible device.

See Complete Features and Specs Cisco-Linksys E2100L Advanced Wireless-N Router


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