LG 32LE5400 LED LCD HDTV Review

I have been very happy with my new TV LG 32LE5400 LED LCD HDTV! I looked at all the LEDs available and settled on this one because of its cool features and because LG 32LE5400 LED LCD HDTV doesn’t have the stupid glossy screen that everyone is obsessed with for some reason. I hate glossy screen TVs, you can’t see anything but reflections!

LG 32LE5400 picture quality is amazing, there is no/minimal ghosting with movements. The energy settings are pretty cool. I like the remote and the ease of using netflix (although you can only access your list, no searching). It takes some getting used to, everything looks too “real.” But now I love it. I love watching movies I have seen a dozen times and seeing something new!

LG 32LE5400 LED LCD HDTV offers energy-saving LED backlighting, 1080p Full HD resolution for crystal-clear detail, and TruMotion 120Hz technology for virtually no motion blur, the 32-inch LG 32LE5400 LED LCD HDTV is also great for watching sports and movies with fast action thanks to its 2.6ms (millisecond) response time. The latest in HDTV technology, LED delivers deep blacks, bright colors and crisp images to rival any display category, and are the slimmest, most energy efficient televisions available. Improved motion capture allows smooth, natural pictures, even with fast paced action.

With LG’s NetCast, you get access to TV shows, movies and more, streamed directly from the Internet to your television screen. And the LE5400 series also provides compatibility with Wireless 1080p Connectivity (wireless media kit required and sold separately).

Other features of LG 32LE5400 LED LCD HDTV include an incredible 4,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for more stunning colors and deeper blacks, two USB ports for connecting external drives for playing back MP3 audio, JPEG photo and DivX HD video files, stereo speakers with 20 watts of power and Dolby Digital decoding, and four HDMI inputs.

See complete Features and Specs LG 32LE5400 32-Inch LED LCD HDTV


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